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Migrant family with children cross the fields

I visited Idomeni, Greece, for several times in three years, and I had the strong feeling, in my little that I needed to do something to help those people. Many of them did not know how to reach the countries in northern Europe.  

Life in the makeshift camp was difficult for them, there was no sanitation, water, and with the high temperatures,the conditions became more avverse.

Long queues to get treatment in the emergency room and to get food. Many civil people from neighboring villages, would collect food and dressing gowns by their own and distributed them on the field, which was just right on the border.

In some periods there were more than ten thousand people on the field, all with the hope of crossing the gate and continuing the journey

In those days the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, at that time was the Foreign Minister of his country, visited the border area

Photo on the left, a family of migrants crossing the fields

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